Re; Internet Marketing related comments

I have added this page to clarify some things for visitors of this blog.

1.) I created this Blog for a friend of mine so people could post reviews related to his Bar/Restaurant the Red Rooster Pub.

2.) There have been many people posting comments related to topics other than the Red Rooster Pub which is not the purpose of this forum.

3.) Although I sincerely appreciate all your supportive comments regarding the Blog design, I would prefer that you post only comments relating to the Red Rooster Pub in this forum thus respecting the owner’s establishment.

4.) My personal niche is Internet Marketing related and since my friend has very little knowledge of the workings of the Internet he recruited me to build his website and Blog for him because I have been doing this for many years now.

5.) That said, if you follow the Internet Marketing niche then I invite you to subscribe to my Internet Marketing Newsletter via the form posted on the  left side of this blog. It was nice enough of Tom to allow me to place it here.

6.) Also, if you want to visit my Marketing Resources Website, feel free to do so at: where I provide valuable information and resources related to Internet Marketing.

7.) You may post as many comments there as you like as long as they are Internet Marketing related.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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Yours in Success,

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