Red Rooster Pub: Where a Steak tastes like a Steak

New owner Tom Benedict wants the Red Rooster Pub to offer good food at a fair price, in an atmosphere comfortable for the whole family.

Tom purchased the restaurant in early ‘2008’ and is in the process of renovating the Skaneateles Falls eatery. His vision for the Red Rooster is to create more of a family atmosphere so people think of it as a restaurant with a bar instead of the other way around.

He plans to rearrange the furniture and add tables. Tom is also looking into replacing the flooring and adding historic photographs of the former Rodak’s Hotel and community to the walls. The plans also call for kitchen upgrades so the menu can expand from pub/lunch type food to include more traditional dinners. As for the menu, Tom would like to see basic food – nothing too fancy. He has added prime rib dinners and would like to bring back fish fry Fridays and a good Roast Beef sandwich. So far, Tom says, his best compliment was from a customer who thanked him for the steak, commenting it was the first time in a long time that [the customer] got a steak that tasted like a steak and not some type of sauce or glaze.

Before purchasing the Red Rooster, Tom had worked for the past six years at the Mandana Inn during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. When the Mandana Inn closed for the winter, Tom frequently picked up hours at the Red Rooster. He considered briefly making an offer for the Mandana Inn when it came up for sale, but the numbers didn�t work for him so he approached the prior owner of the Red Rooster. Within a week, he was in negotiations to purchase and the deal was completed in the early part of ‘2008’.

Although this is his first venture into restaurant ownership, Tom is no stranger to the restaurant business. His father owned a restaurant in the Utica area, where he grew up and later in Baldwinsville. He also helped his brother operate the Plainville Turkey Farms restaurant in Cicero.

Tom has lived in the area since 2000. He is married to the former Pat Delaney. Together, they have two children ages 9 and 5 as of this writing.

The Red Rooster Pub is located at 4618 Jordan Road in Skaneateles Falls, across from Welch Allyn. For reservations or more information call 315-685-2326.


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